Setting up an Insurance Claim

It's a simple process but takes some patience.  It can be done here at the shop or even by yourself.

To begin this process, you are going to need to contact your insurance company and report the accident that occurred.  Have your registration in hand because it will help you answer the specific questions about your vehicle.  They will ask time of the accident, date of occurrence, location of where it took place, driver involved as well as passengers, and if the car is still drivable.  It's a call we can do right here from the Marlborough office in case they need more information.  During this call you notify them that your car will be repaired at Apex Auto Center (we work with all insurance companies). 
After setting up your claim contact us directly and we will help you with rental, drop or and pick up, and with any other questions or concerns you have.  
We have an amazing relationship with all insurance companies, making this a simple and convenient processes for you.  

I really hope this helped and if you have any further questions feel free to contact us!  Doing what we can to be the best auto body shop around

-Apex Auto Center Inc.