Insurance Claims

Accidents. Unfortunately they happen and they are never fun to deal with,but thats when we come in.  We know how difficult insurance companies can be to deal with so we take that stress right out of your hands and handle your claim from start to finish.

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Step 1: Contact us

When the accident happens, give us a call.  We can send out a tow, assist you on how to proceed with the initial process, and set up your claim at home or here at our office.  We make it quick and simple and put you into a temporary car during the process.  


Step 2: Repairs

During this time we will have the insurance company come out and appraise the damages on your car (if you have not done this already).  Once we get the paper work in we review to make sure everything is covered so that your car looks exactly like the way it was before this unfortunate event. You can come at anytime to see the process, grab something you forgot in the car or even just to check up. Our team is prepared to take on any and all tasks because of the tools and training they have gone through.  



As soon as our repairs are finish we will give you a call to schedule a pick up date.  Our hours are flexible because we know life cant be sometimes.  We ask that you inspect the car to make sure its the same, if not better, than it was before the accident.  Not only do we fix your damages but we also make sure to give your car a nice clean finish so it feels like new again.  Quick, simple, easy.